I wish I was a tree.

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Hi, i'm Teresa and i suck at writing descriptions. i'm 19, german and I love food. I also like to practice yoga and run and exercising in general. this blog started out as a weight-loss blog, turned into a fitblr/healthblr and now i'm not too sure what to call it anymore.

i'm making an effort to be vegan, but i'm still struggling on the non-food part.

never hesitate to message me!

UPDATE: I've decided to shut this blog down, but you can still message me if you like and you can still find me on my main tumblr. I'm not deleting this as a kind of keepsake of the past few years.

i hate when i really want to eat something but i’m not hungry at all.

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    I usually eat it anyways and that’s why I’m fat now.
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